We do not in any way advocate the use of Trustpilot and its services.

We categorically do not ask customers to place reviews on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot host company profiles without consultation with the businesses themselves but then dictate which reviews can remain in place.

They do not enter into any meaningful discussion to explain their decisions, and unfortunately there is no facility to remove a company profile.

They refuse to remove profiles themselves, so polite requests for de-listing have been ignored. Our profile will therefore remain online, reflecting however Trustpilot arbitrarily decide to portray us and not the true experience of our customers.

In our opinion, this is unfairly manipulating the public perception of brands. We have decided that we are not prepared to enter into arrangements with Trustpilot in order to determine which reviews are published, whether they are positive or negative.

We believe that selectively filtering reviews misleads consumers and erodes trust. Trustpilot previously removed a number of reviews from our profile even though we had provided unequivocal evidence that the reviewers’ buying experience was authentic.

Two of these reviews were actually provided after Trustpilot had invited them themselves via their ‘verified order’ process.

We believe that being associated with Trustpilot damages our brand and brings our reputation into disrepute.

Unfortunately, our profile remains on the Trustpilot site and they insist that it continues to carry messages that suggest our support for their reviews system. They do this, knowing that this is fundamentally inaccurate and misleading.

Indeed, they have – contrary to their own guidelines – added information to our profile without our consent. They furthermore post a link directly to our site – again without our consent and contrary to our wishes. This leads to spam hitting the Wordissimo site, which disrupts our business.

We request that customers review us on any of the other boards that are currently available online. We support any reputable process that will publish ALL verified reviews.

We can report that we have successfully secured the removal of both 4-star and 5-star reviews of our services from the Trustpilot site because we firmly believe that any review hosted there will contribute to the culture of misrepresentation that prevails.

Here is what Trustpilot have to say about their investigatons into flagged reviews:

(…) we can not validate challenges specifically on the grounds of not being based on a genuine experience.

‘Chris’, Trustpilot Compliance, via email

This organisation claims to champion ‘honesty and transparency’. We consider these claims to be inconsistent with the practices that take place.

We are however unequivocal on the point.

For us, the question of whether a review is genuine or not is the only question that matters.

Accordingly, we reject the Trustpilot product in its entirety.

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