Order Process – Eulogies and Tributes

For your family tribute, or eulogy – Wordissimo offers a prompt and effective service for your loved one.

Sometimes it is a challenge to remember the detail of someone’s life. On other occasions, the challenge is the decision on what to include and what to leave out.

When you first speak with Wordissimo, we can send you some questions which are designed to provide us with the essence of what we need.  We can of course run through this with you by telephone if you prefer.

Seeing the content areas in black and white may be useful so that you can share with others to gain their input, but we do recommend that you channel your response through one source once you have all decided what to include. This will ensure that there is clarity for the project if timelines are typically pressing.

Once we have all we need, we will produce an initial draft of your tribute or eulogy within 48 hours for review. At this stage, we can then look to amend as necessary and work towards sculpting a perfect final version.

Your tribute will be unique content generated with your loved one in mind. 

What you tell us will shape and frame the words we use.

Once we have agreed the tribute, we will provide you with a digital file in both MS Word and PDF formats.

And even if there are last-minute changes or additions, call us! We are here to support you at the most difficult time and to make your final celebration worthy of your loved one.

Place your order as below and then leave the rest to us. We will call you and establish which process works best for you. This may mean that we take our brief by telephone, or we can set up a shared file to upload and exchange documentation if this is more convenient.

Together we will review scoping questions for the eulogy/tribute – essentially what you would like included (we can help with this, but of course it is your decision).

A Wordissimo consultant will produce a first draft within 48 hours of the scoping call/receipt of information.

We will then make additional edits/amendments following feedback (by call or by email).

Once the final version is agreed, MS Word and PDF versions of the tribute provided in digital format.

If you would like to place an order for this service, you can do so here:

Eulogy or Family Tribute

A perfectly sculpted tribute for your loved one.