Wordissimo’s copyediting services make the cost of elevated writing an affordable and effective solution for students, professionals and personal customers. Refinement, re-wording, rewarding. If need be, we can expand our review to a full edit.

If more than just a few tweaks are required, our work is more involved.

Copyediting includes a final proofread, but firstly sees us:

  • Revising sentences to make them clear and concise.
  • Restructuring passages to ensure fluidity and continuity.
  • Editing text to change or adapt its tone.
  • Engineering end-to-end quality of writing.
  • Providing feedback and writing suggestions in detailed comments.

Copyediting is a complete overview of your words with amendments to your writing.  The scope of the revision will be determined by you with your brief.

Business documents, both for in-house operations and for outsourcing agencies, are a specialty. We have edited reports, PR material, presentations, website content and training documentation, to name but a few.

Most commonly, we are asked to review and edit business proposals. Frequently, these documents are produced in-house by a range of specialists who may themselves have borrowed previous text for use in the current edition. The resulting composite, while factually relevant, can be very disjointed in terms of tone and style. Put simply, we fix it so that it is flows cohesively and on-brand.

On the academic side, we also see a range of activities with Literature, Social Sciences, Psychology and Humanities our main areas of work. We have reviewed essays, seminar papers, assignments and dissertations.

Please note that this service may not be available for certain academic work. We reserve the right to refuse assignments that may contravene assessment standards and plagiarism regulations of academic institutions.

We’ve put together some more information on how all works here.