Bespoke Drafting (fixed services)

Eulogies and Family Tributes

Wordissimo offers a bespoke and dedicated service to sculpt and refine the most fitting tribute for your loved one.

At the most difficult of times, Wordissimo can find the words that best capture the person.

We’ve got some more information here.

Covering Letters (job applications)

For the (seemingly) straightforward CV application, our covering letters serve as an ideal tool to help persuade those overseeing the first sift to put you in the ‘Yes’ pot. All is revealed here.

Personal Statements (job applications)

For roles that a more involved initial review stage, where technical skills, qualifications and competencies need to be brought to the fore, you may be asked to provide a personal statement.

Rest assured, our consultants know what it takes to edge you closer to the next stage and more importantly, how to get that across. We’ve got some more detail here.

Customer Complaints Packages

Fed up with dire service? Has a company let you down and is refusing to budge? Our consultants have an extensive background in customer service complaints handling themselves. They know what works and also how customers often inadvertently weaken their own position. Don’t let that happen to you!

With our service, Wordissimo will firstly review your correspondence and understand your position after researching the regulations and processes that apply. We will then write a recommended course of action with some clear guidelines for how to take the complaint forward. We’ll also tailor an initial communication for you to send to the party concerned.

From here, you will be in prime position on which to build your discussions in order to get the most agreeable outcome.

You may however just want to make your opinions heard and be satisfied that you had your say. In which case, we can craft a missive that leaves them in no doubt about how you feel!

We’ve put together some more information on how it works here.