Bespoke Drafting – Covering Letters and Personal Statements

Wordissimo’s drafting services provide an affordable and effective solution for covering letters and personal statements for students, professionals and personal customers.

Whether you are taking your first steps in business, already establishing your position, or have a proven track record, your CV alone may not be enough to get you over the first hurdle.

That’s where our bespoke & targeted covering letters and personal statements are just the ticket to help push the odds in your favour.

Clear and concise, we will highlight your key achievements and how they are directly relevant and value-adding to the role in order to set you set you apart from the field.  In tandem with your CV, our cover letters and personal statements specifically and subtly target requirements to get you past that all-important initial sift.

Our employment services are provided by professional writers with lengthy track records in recruitment processes and are turned around in 2 working days from order confirmation.

MS Word and PDF formats are provided.

You can find out more about the process and placing an order here.