About Us

Wordissimo is primarily a UK-based team, providing proofreading, copyediting and drafting services, with affordable and effective solutions for students, professionals and personal customers. Your words, elevated, at lower cost.

We understand the critical importance of accuracy and prompt turnarounds for our customers and deliver to these high demands while never compromising on quality.

As a group of seasoned consultants, we’ve seen – and felt – the pain when businesses cut corners for quick wins that ultimately make their commercial relationships unsustainable.

We’re never going to go down that road.

Our consultants and editors have a wealth of experience in all aspects of writing, quality control and publishing. Our team hold the highest levels of qualifications and experience, advanced degrees from leading UK institutions, and many years of experience in professional proofreading, editing, and drafting in just about every setting.

It is more than just accuracy though. It’s about judgment.

Not just on our part in sculpting the right words. But on the part of others who will read them.

For us, everything starts and ends with you, the customer. That’s why we take your steer.

Our services are transparent and uncomplicated.

And if you want more, just ask us.

Proofreading, copyediting and drafting. Your words, elevated.